The Power of Prayer
Pray to God to give you today the same graces given to the holy apostles, and ask God that, after filling you with the Holy Spirit to sanctify yourselves.  God will also communicate to you your mission in order to procure the salvation of all others. - St John the Baptist De La Salle

Prayer should be the central element of our life from the moment we open our eyes in the morning.  It precedes any activity, preparing breakfast for the family or getting ready for work.

As St John the Baptist De Le Salle advocates, it is a way to connect with God, and align our hearts and minds with His will for the day. This especially effective when I am anxious about an issue hanging over my head since the day before, or am hurried to get over and done with a meeting that I dread.

Somehow, the more I pray, the less anxious I become and the more I understand how much I need to rely on His blessing and guidance for the day.  I see the yesterday's problem with fresh eyes, and I see other people from God's point of view.  And things do look better!


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